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Cape to Cairo is a leading importer, wholesaler, retailer and producer of traditional delicacies, favourite brands, products and crafts from South Africa and other southern African countries.




Family-owned and operated, the first Cape to Cairo store opened in 1994 on Cambridge Street, Wembley. From one of the first small-scale suppliers of South African delicacies and products, our business has evolved and expanded in the West Australian retail sector particularly.

The business model embraces strong procurement, in-house product development and production, brand ownership, warehousing and logistics capabilities. The company’s operating offerings are tailor-made to fit a variety of customer needs across the various retail categories.

Over the past 5 years, our core focus has been on strengthening and entrenching our respective areas of operation. We operate four speciality retail outlets, an e-commerce offering and a wholesale team that supplies a growing number of independent retailers, speciality stores and restaurants across Western Australia and beyond. Experience has rewarded us with a broad understanding of the local (consumer) market and our customer’s business needs.




We’ve worked hard to build lifetime relationships and pride ourselves on providing customers with quality service, stock availability and efficient logistics. Our growing portfolio of brands is continually expanding and on-going improvements are made to planning and distribution systems in a bid to remain competitive and grow our market share and that of our wholesale customers.

To many of our customers, we are a purveyor of memories. Our team is proud to share our passion for food. Our products celebrate our shared African heritage, specifically our love for cooking and eating outdoors.

The company is also a producer of superior quality Biltong (an air-dried meat snack) and Droëwors (‘dry sausage’). Our production facility is well equipped and HACCP certified. This popular delicacy is synonymous with tradition in southern Africa and although various forms of biltong are found in other countries, nowhere is it made the way we make it.

For most southern Africans, these strips of salted, dried beef or venison, still remain the tastiest snack. With the rise of beef jerky and consumer desire for low carb, high protein snacks, we believe biltong’s low or no sugar callouts have made it appealing to shoppers. Biltong is not jerky: it has its own spices, preparation process and eating occasions and use. All products are locally produced to a traditional recipe. Be it Biltong (pronounced ‘bil-tong’), Boerewors (pronounced ‘boo-ra-vors’) Koeksisters (pronounced ‘cook-sister’), Milk Tart, Ouma rusks, Mrs Balls’ chutney or Beacon Allsorts, introducing these delicacies and products to Australia was personal to us. We wanted to share our culture through food.

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